Who We Are

Toolz.ng Online Tools Mall Ltd is an ​O​nline​/Offline​​ ​(MULTI-VENDOR, MULTI-CATEGORY) Tools​ & ​Equipment ​MarketPlace​. It is a community (platform) where TOOLS/EQUIPMENT Manufacturers, ​Dealers, ​Buyers​, Users​-​even Fans can meet each others​’​ demand; just like amazon, alibaba, etc.

The founder(s) had thought it needful and an utmost necessity-as a matter of fact, to build an online market/platform dedicated [only] for Tools & Equipment in Africa; where you can easily source/outsource your tools and equipment requirements by connecting with both local and international vendors, OEMs/representatives, users and tools fans-thereby reducing the stress of offline (physical market) sourcing​, ​and addressing the unwarranted pressure and cost of Emergency Importation.

What We Do

At Toolz.ng Online Tools Mall, we help you achieve the following:

SELL: Own, Equip, and Manage your (online) tools and equipment store/warehouse.

BUY: See other vendors and their stores where you can stress-freely source for your not-having Tools and Equipment.

LEASE: Connect with those who Lease/Rent Tools and Equipment on both short and long-term basis.

REPAIR: This is for those who offer or require Tools/Equipment repairs or maintenance services.

Our Drive (Vision)

  1. To become the No.1 agent to Manufacturers, Dealers and Users of Tools and Equipment in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.
  2. To make Toolz.ng the place of choice in online Tools and Equipment marketing.
  3. To bring international and local Tools and Equipment Dealers and Users close to the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) around the globe.
  4. To source and deliver any form of Tools and Equipment locally or internationally procured to its receiver within stipulated time.

Our Destination & Commitment

  1. To be dedicated in delivering effective, efficient and respectful services with integrity, using both proven and innovative methods of marketing.
  2. To foster an environment of collaboration between local and international Dealers of Tools and Equipment.
  3. To encourage both local and international Tools and Equipment Dealers and Users to make relevant request for any form of Tools and Equipment the need on Toolz.ng
  4. To be responsible, accountable and efficient public stewards, helping both manufacturers, dealers and users achieve their desired result.